Arka School was established by the visionary Shri. Aenugu Tirumal Reddy in June, 2019 at Almasguda, in Hyderabad. He believed that the ultimate way to gain victory over personal and social problems is education. Arka school relies heavily on the strong foundation of a caring and connected community. Arka school goal is providing education for life – Empowering students with skills (academic and non-academic), know-how (technological and otherwise), and values (integrity, humility, empathy, compassion, etc.) that prepares them for professional success and makes them responsible, caring, and connected global citizens.

Outstanding Results

In the process, they build a bigger and better knowledge structure. It's not enough to just take in new knowledge. It has to make sense, to connect in meaningful ways with what the learner already knows


Develop a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
Be healthy, confident and resilient.

Accept responsibility. Act ethically. Stand up for what you believe.
Value the pursuit of excellence.
Accept success with humility. Face adversity with intelligence and resolve.

Based on principles of love, faith and hope, be willing to understand difference and to honour its value.
Know and respect yourself, others and the natural environment.