The school follows the curriculum and syllabi of the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION. The board examination is held on completion of the course in class X. English is the first language of the school. Telugu, Hindi and French are the additional languages.

Achievement Card

Achievement card will be issued after each test and examination. Parents are requested to come and sign the achievement card after the assessments on the PTI day. Absentees will be getting it only on the next PTI day. The commencement dates of all Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments are given in the Hand Book. The time table for each will be given sufficiently in advance. Parents are requested to kindly note down these dates from the school website. Absence during the examination/ assessment period due to indisposition or unavoidable circumstances would be unfortunate, however no re-test/special test can be administered, nor any adjustment of marks be done.