We place great emphasis on Kindergarten and Elementary Education believing that the foundation of life is laid in these formative years.


The innovative child-centric approach helps us to understand and nurture the child’s capacity of concentration, memory, observation, reasoning, judgement and creativity.


Yoga is an intrinsic part of the school system and enhances the physical and mental abilities of children. Holistic development is the main thrust of all activities and celebrations.

Continuous Informal Evaluation

A system of “Continuous Informal Evaluation”, based on class work, theme-based worksheets and observation sessions are followed. A biannual assessment report outlines the various aspects of the child’s development.

The Kindergarten comprises of Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G. The school timing for the Kindergarten section is from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The school follows a 6 day week schedule.


Virtual Classrooms

Using video conferencing technology to host virtual classrooms and live lessons, providing a convenient and accessible way for students to continue learning even outside of the physical classroom.

Digital Portfolios

Creating digital portfolios for students to showcase their work and accomplishments, encouraging them to take pride in their achievements and reflecting on their learning journey.

Hands – On- Activities

We offer hands –on – activities such as arts and crafts , puzzles and sensory activities that encourage hands –on – learning and exploration.

Collaborative Learning

Arka kiddos encouraging students to work together on group projects and activities , fostering teamwork and communication skills.

Interactive Story Telling

Using multimedia elements such as videos, images , and animations to create interactive story telling experiences.


We incorporate games and challenges into lessons to make learning more fun and engaging.

Inquiry – Based Learning

Encouraging students to ask questions, make predictions and and engaging in hands on exploration , fostering a love of learning and encouraging critical thinking skills.

Festival Celebration

We Arka kiddos celebrates major festivals such as Dussehra, Diwali ,Pongal, Christmas , Eid and new year with traditional customs and activities.

Online Quizzes and Games

Participating online quizzes and games to reinforce

Parent involvement activities

Parents are invited on Father’s Day and during sports meet to participate in fun activities and games , making it a memorable day for both parents and child.

Grandparents are invited to the school to share their experiences and wisdom with the children.